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About Bobby Stillwell

I was born in Frankfort, Germany (yep, an Army brat). I couldn't speak a lick of English when I moved here to the U.S. (but then again I was only 10 months old). I have lived in the Northeast most of my life and can remember playing drums at 4 years old. I started playing in my first band when I was 11. It was an oldies\pop band with 3 other guys from the neighborhood. We did pretty good in the area, it was good experience back then.

Over the course of the High school years, I learned how to play some saxophone, piano and guitar. I have picked up many other instruments, and given them a shot but I usually fall back on the few I mentioned.

Learning the use of computers and writing my own music, I took a stab at the instrumental stuff. That was just a phase for the moment, I think it was a pre-Kenny G. thing. Anyway, I am pretty much a self taught, frustrated, starving musician looking for a break (aren't we all). But I love to play, so show me to the stage and plug it in.

The following was an excerpt from a local News Paper in Boca Raton, Fla...

With ability on the keyboard, saxophone, guitar, and vocals; Bobby uses computers to provide background music and adds live performance. He has used his talents to provide entertainment for audiences on the east coast and throughout the south for over 15 years. Not just another solo act; Bobby has the ability to transform listeners into an appreciative and attentive gathering of friends. With an extensive repertoire, Bobby guarantees a unique experience in entertainment for all!

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